Connect and Exchange (Cande) has many years of experience in consultancy- and infrastructure services. Leveraging inhouse developed transition and transformation methodologies ensure a succesful implementation based upon more than 15 years of experience. ​​​​

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Businesses in their core are always unique whereas supporting infrastructure services are mostly commodity products leveraging standard hardware (HP, Dell, IBM, Nutanix) and software vendors (Microsoft, VMWare, RedHat, Debian). Business processes are in general standard processes to ensure that the day to day operation of the business continues. Cande can support organizations implementing these commodity services through standardized designs and best practices enabling the customer to focus on their core business which is unique withouth being distracted by infrastructure management.

​Cande (Connect and Exchange) partnered with various hard- and software vendors to support in the procurement, installation and maintenance of new builds or replacement of aged out hard- and software. The following labels Cande is partnered with: